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Army is here

Army is here

The future is today. With each design we make clear our vision of the future:  minimalism, innovation, and innovation. But what does the future look like to you?

We like to take things a step further (we can’t help it), so we decided to head out to look for the answers. We rounded up a programmer, an astronomer, an educator, a chef, an architect and a journalist so they could tell us what their future looked like. And this is precisely the thrilling central theme of the campaign for our third model: Army.

About ten months ago, when we didn’t even have the first sketches on our table yet, we knew that we wanted to dress all those young visionary professionals, the ones who don’t go for the most obvious routes and are always leading the way.

Many of you had been asking us for a sportier model for a while, but one that maintained our values of minimalism and functionality. So we thought that this was the perfect moment to make a shoe that was by and for you. We heard you and today it’s ready to hit the street.

In the end Army has gone from being a project to becoming something very, very tangible. What started out as a shoe is now an entire movement and a resounding call to #dothefuture. Many have joined us already. How about you? Discover them here.

New silhouette's mood board

New silhouette's mood board

The third silhouette is on its way here. In a very short time -less time remains for it to be revealed, drumroll, drumroll- you'll be able to discover our last great creation. For now, we can advance you that its gestation process has been very, very exciting. This time we’ve taken inspiration from science fiction series and movies which we would watch over and over again (we have already watched them quite many times so far). Let us give you a few examples to see if you can guess them without looking at the name:


World War Z


I, robot


The Walking Dead


Mad Max


Game of Thrones


They have been months of design, development, testing and, finally, manufacturing in order to dress young professionals with a more casual style. Non-conformist? Creative? Bold? You’ll like what’s going to come next!

“But when? Don´t leave us like this", you’ll think. May 2017. Okay, we’re going to tell you its name in gratitude for your hundreds of messages asking about it: Army. Are you joining us?



Stranger Things