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August'17 #dothefuture

August'17 #dothefuture

Here are the top things we've seen, heard, read or clicked on during 
the past month.

An exhibition > Who wants to live in a penthouse with terrace and private pool when you can live in a futuristic micro-house from the 60's? We know that you’re already planning the move (it’s small, it will be easy), but for now they only serve to house plastic furniture in an exhibition.


An event > We really like how humanoids in United States looked at the sky to contemplate the solar eclipse and enjoy the fascinating universe. We recommend to click on this article to discover more about the phenomenon.



An innovation > Ito En, the largest producer of green tea drinks in Japan, is a great example of how companies can make positive changes in the world. Thanks to its social and ecological awareness, it revitalizes inactive cultivated lands giving a new opportunity to the unemployed workers of those farms and transforms tons of used tea leaves into millions of cardboard boxes for their products.



A development > This patch isn't like the ones that your mother sew on your trousers with your favorite superhero. It’s an element that makes easier the surgery related to the organs and much less intrusive, so it achieves a faster recovery.



A construction > Now you see it, now you do not see it. Although it seems like a magic trick, in fact we are talking about a floating bridge that is being built in Ordos (China) and can be re-located according to the needs of the moment. This is not its only special quality, since it consists of several moving parts that can be extended or contracted to be used in different situations.



See you with more inspiration next month. 
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The most exciting things that happened to us in August

The most exciting things that happened to us in August

This is everything, or almost everything, that we have experienced in the last month.


Our UX members are counting the days that remain until the end of sale period, take advantage now if you haven't already done so. There have been thousands of purchases (thanks to everyone!) and Kike says he has keyboard characters instead of fingerprints. He deserves his holidays.


'I love your shoes. I don't think there's any other manufacturer that can achieve so much. I wanted to thank you for your work, dedication, effort and commitment to carry out a project and never give up. I've chosen Atom silhouette in grey colour and I'm delighted with my purchase. I'll buy again soon.' All that is said by L.F., a new user whom we welcome to our world. This is only one of the many comments we receive every week, so we thought we'll start sharing them with you. They give us strength to overcome ourselves every day ;-)
People say that August isn´t a very productive month, but for us it's being quite busy. The design team has been working hand in hand with the factories for prototyping the new season's launches. Believe us if we tell you that your eyes will start to bulge when they see the five projects that we're preparing. Hint: there may be much more than just shoes.


We’ve made a list of some of the CEOs of innovative companies with a great impact on society that are changing the world and that you probably don't know about. Place the best-seller on the towel and read this great post.


Here's this month's playlist. Get ready for a sensorial journey through the most summery sounds that we've heard in our headquarters. Press play!


See you with our latest news next month :-)

Companies' CEOs you don’t know and should know about

Companies' CEOs you don’t know and should know about

You all know that we are inspired by people who are always a step ahead. That is why we’ve made a list of some of the CEOs of innovative companies with a great impact on society that are changing the world. They are pure #dothefuture. We introduce them to you.


Avshalom Halevi Felber of IDE Technologies (Israel). This company turns ocean saltwater into safe drinking and watering water in regions where fresh water is hard to find. Big virtual applause.


Peder Holk Nielsen, of Novozymes (Denmark). The mission of this company is to isolate and produce enzymes and microorganisms that help industries to make their products more environmentally friendly, ranging from efficient detergents to enhanced animal feed. Peder believes this could help reduce world hunger and carbon emissions. This type of projects show that sustainable development is more than possible.


Bright Simons, of mPedigree (Ghana). To prevent deaths from counterfeit drugs for malaria and tuberculosis (more than 700,000 deaths worldwide, according to International Policy Network), this startup puts a code on the medicine´s packaging. It’s already present in 12 countries in Africa and Asia and its labels already appear on more than 500 million packets. Next step? They plan to do the same with fake agricultural crops, textiles and automobile parts. You have all our admiration, Bright.
Manuel Velez Pangilian, of Smart Communications (Philippines). He is responsible for promoting education in engineering and computer science in schools of his country. Currently, they have already transformed six student projects into real startups. We like it :-)


Mark R. Widmar of First Solar (United States). Clean energy ceases to be science fiction. The world's largest manufacturer of "thin-film" solar panels delivers energy to utilities at low prices - low enough to be an alternative to fossil fuels.